Friday, February 10, 2012

And Here Come the Stims

My appointment with Dr A Wednesday morning went well, just a quick u/s to make sure the Lup.ron was effective and that the ovaries were "quiet". He said everything looked really good and had us switch from Lup.ron to stims on Thursday.

He was so sweet when he came in, asked how I was feeling and said it was good to see me again. He's always so comforting to talk to. He said how sorry he was about last time, that it was heart-breaking, and he wanted to be sure it worked this time. As awful as the miscarriage was, I was glad that he didn't ignore the elephant in the room.  It's a part of us and a part of our story.

Last cycle we were just on Bra.velle, this time we're on a combination of that and Men.opur. Higher dosages as well. My hat's off to any of you ladies out there who can give these shots to yourselves. Wow! I can barely sit still while hubby does it, I forgot how bad those suckers burn! I am excited that our RE switched things up a little this cycle, hoping to get more eggs and more mature eggs.

I've got an appoinment Monday morning for another u/s and bloodwork to see how the follicles are growing. My RE has a satellite office that's only about 20 minutes from me but he won't be at that location on Monday, he'll be downtown (about 45 minutes). They probably think I'm crazy because I asked to go downtown Monday just since he's there. But I figure with everything we're doing to make this work, I'm going to see him if I can! Even if it's just to make me more comfortable.

Hubby seems a little stressed this week, they've been swamped at work and he has to work again tomorrow. He'll have about 60 hours in this week. Sure the o/t is nice on the paycheck but it's running him down. As if we don't have enough going on already! Yesterday he was a little short when we were getting our shot ready and I got kind of upset. I know alot of that is just the hormones but it bothered me. He noticed and apologized and said that he was just really sorry that we had to go through all this again and that I had to endure all these shots. Sometimes I still get little glimpses of how MFI is affecting him, I just wish I could make it better. I want to be able to give that to him.

We're hoping and praying that this cycle is the answer. That this is the beginning of realizing our dreams. It just has to be.


  1. Hooray for moving on to stims!!! I'm really glad you have a good RE. I really do believe that having a good relationship with your doctor makes a big difference while going through treatment.

    I'm sorry to hear this week was a hard one for Hubby. Overtime while doing IVF is HARD! I hope the next couple of weeks are lighter work-wise.

    Thinking of you and hoping that Monday's u/s and blood-work is filled with good news! In the meantime, I wish you a relaxing weekend.

  2. Hi... here from Cyclesistas :)) Joining the list for this month while doing IVF #3+... Sorry to hear about your miscarriage... my heart goes out to you. Lovely that your doc understands and that your cycle is going well :) I have a private blog {via}, but happy for other IF/ART bloggers to join - just email me via my updater blog :) Good luck for your cycle and great to be cycling with you xoxo

  3. Don't feel bad, I can't give myself the shots either! Sending love and prayers your way that this is the cycle for you!

  4. I do not give myself the shots either. I did it once when my husband was traveling but it just seems to go smoother when he does it.

    We are doing it this cycle, both of us! Good luck, you know I am rooting for you!

  5. Dear Still Hoping... thank you for your comment re joining my private blog :) Please email me on b/c I need your email address to set up your access xoxo

  6. Yay for starting stims! So excited for you.

    Maybe a tip that might help: Slow down when injecting the menopur (or have hubby slow it down)... I found it stung less when it was injected slowly.

    I do my own shots... I think I started it originally cause I felt bad for our MFI as well. I wanted to get it done each night before hubby got home from work so he didn't have to deal with it or feel worse then he already did about our infertility. Then as the cycles continued on, I just kept with it. There have been a couple times he has given them for whatever reason and I agree... it is much better when he does it. I wonder why that is? Maybe when someone else is giving them you become less focused on it? Who knows.

    I am hoping this cycle is your answer too. Thinking of you!


  7. I just found your blog and love how open you are with sharing your experience. We are on stim day 7 of our first IVF. My husband is a pilot and gone a lot so I do my shots, you are lucky to team up with your hubs :) good luck and I look forward to following!