Saturday, February 18, 2012

A few more days

Had another u/s and bloodwork Friday morning. Looks like we've got about 5 on each side right now, some still a little small. So, we're stimming a few more days and then another u/s on Monday morning and probably triggering Monday night for a Wednesday retrieval. Which actually works out better so hubby and I will only have to take one day off next week since the transfer will be Saturday.

It also means that our retrieval will in fact land on a very special, yet emotional day for us. I still feel pretty much the same about this as I did when I realized a few weeks ago that this was a possibility. It's as if things have come full circle and this was meant to be.

I am a little sad because I found out that my doctor, Dr. A, is out ALL next week at a conference! So, he won't be there for my retrieval and I doubt he'll be working Saturday for the transfer. I'm kind of disappointed because I really like him and we're comfortable with him. But we've met both of the other doctors, they're both very nice and also very good so I know we're in good hands with either one of them.

I do have some questions... We switched to stims 6 days into this cycle, stimming for 11, trigger on day 17, retrieval on day 19, transfer on day 22... so I'm a little confused on how this all works since the transfer will be pretty late in my cycle. I would be due to start my period a week after transfer. With IVF #1, we transferred several days earlier in the cycle. Has anyone ever transferred late too? Or had some spotting and still been pregnant? Any info on your experiences would be great!

This afternoon I went in again for another massage and it was wonderful. Again, I have no idea that this will increase chances of conception, but it certainly was nice and relaxing which we can all certainly use! That hour went by way too fast!

Hoping that you are all enjoying this weekend. As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and for sharing your thoughts!


  1. Great that you're getting all set for retrieval... not long now :) Don't worry about the timing in your cycle... my understanding, after a few different protocols, is that the medication "takes over" our cycle, so the trigger day become ovulation day etc... our bodies just do what the drugs tell them and you'll probably get progesterone to support your second half of the cycle. My retrieval fell on a significant anniversary for me too... and it ended up helping me feel more at peace with it. Thinking of you xoxo

  2. You're getting so close! And 10 follicles is a great number! The fact that retrieval will be falling on your anniversary still gives me shrivers. It's too much of a sign for me to not think otherwise about your guardian angel. I'm thinking of you and waiting very patiently for the news on Wednesday!

    Regarding your cycle, since you're going through IVF, your cycle is being extended by the medications. So right now, even though you normally have a shorter cycle, the meds have your body in the first phase of your cycle (growing eggs and a nice thick uterine lining). After retrieval, you'll switch to a different set of hormones which will be used to promote implantation and sustain pregnancy. So even though things are a bit off, you're okay to go. Isn't it amazing what we know/can do in the modern medical era?

    Keeping all digits crossed for you, my friend!

  3. All sounds like it's going so well! Really happy for you :-)

  4. Hi, I found your blog on stirrup queens listing and became a member of your site. I'm 8dpt3dt (8 days post transfer of a 3 day transfer). My first beta is on friday, 2/24 and anxious to hear good news. Check out this link for differences between 3dt and 5dt.
    I did a 3dt because 2 embies were ready and of excellent quality. Regarding bleeding, some IVF forum friends experienced AF (aunt flo) bleeding and still had a BFP. Blessings to you!

    1. I had spotting before my positive beta. It was very light, lasted two days, and was a light brown color. My doctor said it was completely normal. I have read plenty of other stories of girls having it for much longer, heavier and darker and still having positives!